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    Windows XP SP3 EGE-Extreme Gaming

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    Data de inscriere : 12/08/2009

    Windows XP SP3 EGE-Extreme Gaming

    Mesaj Scris de DieSeL la data de Sam Aug 29, 2009 5:52 pm

    Windows XP SP3 EGE-Extreme Gaming

    Windows XP SP3 EGE-Extreme Gaming Edition with SATA Driver | 297MB
    Up, folks?. It's probably the best windows XP for play games... and
    propably you are asking, why?Let me u explain : Windows Extreme Gaming
    only use about 37MB of Ram Memory (30MB If u terminate explorer process
    before play a game), after the second start when It completes all the
    changes. Worshippy• Are updated to the last SP3, fixes an usefull
    updates. Worshippy• Already have a SATA Drivers Pack that is loaded
    before the windows install process, so u can forget all the problems
    with ur SATA HDD. Worshippy• The OS size is about 200MB, only. And
    100MB of applications. There are availeables from the Booster menu.

    Is still necessary activate the Windows Installer MSI Service before
    install a games. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services ->
    Windows Installer -> Start. (Right click, properties, automatic. If
    u don't want repeat all the steps again).

    Booster menu includes:
    • DirectX 9 - 10 Redist June 2008
    • Live Messenger
    • Xfire 1.79
    • TeamSpeak 2 Client
    • VlSTABoot PRO 3.3
    • Hamachi
    • RivaTuner 2.09
    • Daemon Tools 4.12 Lite
    • Safari 3.1 Portable
    • CPU-Z
    • Choose the 2nd Level Cache, from 256KB to 64MB. (prepared for 8 core Intel CPU) Worshippy

    EGE Booster: You can roll back all service settings to the second
    reboot system. (So if u make some service change, you can revert all
    from here). Worshippy
    • Red/Internet Fixer: Able all the necessary
    services for connect to Internet or a home network. When you don't need
    internet/red services any more, you can revert all the changes from EGE
    Booster. Worshippy

    Download X0p.E.G.E.S.SA_downarchive.part1.rar X0p.E.G.E.S.SA_downarchive.part2.rar X0p.E.G.E.S.SA_downarchive.part3.rar X0p.E.G.E.S.SA_downarchive.part4.rar


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